Wings Mills


The War Game was only briefly played at Wings Mills, and while we have a few photos from this period not much is known about the development of the game during this time.  One notable personality at this site was a man known as “Radio-Vim,” who sold a questionable medical salve by the same name.  He was an engaging and a constant source of interest and amusement, but a little frightening at times.  Below is an account from Jun Swan: 



Radio Vim

Young Jun Swan as an umpire

The army campsite at Wings Mills

Long Pond


Wings Mills, adjacent to Belgrade Stream


“A hermit, a curious old man, lived in a dilapidated small house at Wings Mills dam.  He had been a salesman for a patent medicine, an ointment called ‘Radio-Vim,’ and still had a supply that he was anxious to sell for 50 cents a small jar.  His real name was Furbush but all the Pine Islanders called him Radio Vim.  He was kind of wild - his tattered clothes and unkept bushy hair & beard, and his crazy talk and insistence that you buy some of his cure-all salve made him seem a little dangerous.  To this was added his belief that the Russians were after the secret of his salve and he would dash into his house if he saw an airplane overhead and get his gun.”