The War Game - Memorabilia


Pine Island has always valued the strange and eccentric, and the War Game is no exception.  Below are links to various items and documents related to our ongoing joyful battle.  They are loosely arranged in chronological relevance.  But not really.

Jun Swan’s fascinating history of the War Game, which he wrote down in 1985.  Some of the dates conflict slightly with other accounts.

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Another history of the War Game written by Ben Swan for the 100th anniversary of Pine Island.

Excerpts from War Game Declaration speeches.  Blocked pending committee approval!  Gasp! 

The Waterville Sentinel wrote a brief story on the War Game in 1978.

Some cryptic vintage Blue Army attack and defense documents, found in a gray-colored suitcase of all places.  Ancient espionage or irony?

Site maps of the Dunn’s Corners site, and several maps of York’s Crossing

Images of the Dunn family home, used with permission of the current owners.

Francis Fenton sheds light on a possible origin of the “Fish in the Well” story.  Perhaps Gizz-Gizz Davenport is innocent after all.

An account of a famous Blue Flag Challenge Play as recalled by Monte Ball.


Wings Mills as it is today.  Also, some court documents relating to Frederick A. Furbush, otherwise known as “Radio-Vim.”

Video of Mr. Francis Fenton, age 96, discussing his memory of Pine Island coming to Mercer, as well as the remains of the Davis Ferry.

The Kennebec Journal reported on the War Game in 1963.

Some Blue and Gray war flags in various states of repair.

A Gray siren, ready to irritate, distract, and excite.