An activity at Pine Island Camp, a boys summer camp in Maine.

Whitehead Island

Although most of our trips take us inland to the unspoiled lakes, rivers, and mountains of Maine and New Hampshire, all Pine Islanders also have the opportunity to explore Whitehead Island, a 90-acre island in the center of one of the most acclaimed stretches of coast in the United States. Pine Island Camp leases buildings and property from the Swan family for a month each summer and Pine Island owns part of the island on which it owns a number of historic buildings, including a granite lighthouse and the light keeper's house, so the boys and counselors have the run of the entire island during their stay. Groups of Pine Islanders go to Whitehead for four days at a time to explore the rocky shoreline, learn about the biology of the large intertidal zone, play games, learn knot-tying, dig for clams, and search for other wild edibles under the expert guidance of the Whitehead program director.

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