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Campfire: The Album!

Album of Classic Campfire Songs for Sale to Benefit the Lovett Scholarship Fund!

At last, you can enjoy the fun of a Pine Island Campfire all year round! Buy the Campfire album of 12 great songs performed by Pine Islanders and professionally produced as a CD (shipping included) or download the album. This album was recorded, mixed and mastered at The Brickyard Studio (except for "I'm a Camper at PIC" and "Women at PIC") and produced by camp parent Johnny Bregar, who donated dozens of hours of his time to make this possible. Johnny's extraordinary expertise and talent were surpassed only by his patience. He and his wife Maura Ahearne and their two sons Toby and Jameson welcomed five of us to their home on Bainbridge Island, WA in October 2019, fed us all and made us feel at home. Many thanks also to Tom Yoder and John Alsop whose financial support made it possible for The Henchmen to come to Bainbridge Island.

ALL funds generated from album sales will go to the A. Sidney Lovett Memorial Scholarship Fund for Pine Island Camp. While the minimum price for the collection is $15 for the download and $20 for the CD, we hope that you will pay more in order to help more great families afford Pine Island for their sons.

How to Purchase

There are two ways to purchase this album. You can buy the download directly from BandCamp or you can order a CD which we will mail to you.



  • Mark Pierce: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Sam Chester: Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
  • Johnny Bregar: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Hammond B3 Organ, Drums, Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Pope Ward: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
  • Robert Brent: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
  • Ben Swan: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Toby Bregar: Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Nicky Isles: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
  • Maura Ahearne: Backing Vocals
  • Edwin McCain: Lead Vocals (recorded in Greenville, SC)
  • Matt Morgan: Slide Guitar (recorded in Greenville, SC)
  • Corinne Alsop: Lead Vocals (recorded in New York City)
  • Natalie Burr: Backing Vocals (recorded in New York City)
  • The Henchmen: Pope Ward, Ben Swan, Johnny Bregar, Maura Ahearne, Jameson Bregar, Toby Bregar, Robert Brent, Nicky Isles, Mark Pierce

Song Titles

  1. The Titanic
  2. I'm a Camper at PIC
  3. A Camper Named Sue
  4. On the Cover of the Pine Needle
  5. Tangled Up in Blues
  6. Please Don't Bury Me
  7. Should I Sail or Should I Row
  8. Mountain Dew
  9. We're Women at PC
  10. Keep on Ridin' on the Tilt-a-Whirl
  11. My Sweet Pine Island
  12. Chicken Train


Click here for a printable PDF with all the lyrics.

"The Titanic"

(lead vocals) Pope; (guitar) Sam; (drums and piano) Johnny; (bass) Mark; (backing vocals) The Henchmen

Oh, they built the ship Titanic to sail the ocean blue
And they thought they had a ship that the ocean never knew
It was on its maiden voyage when the iceberg hit the ship
It was sad when the great ship went down

Oh it was sad (so sad)
So sad (so sad)
It was sad when the great ship went down to the bottom of the sea...husbands and wives little children lost their lives
It was sad when the great ship went down

Oh, they were not far from England and soon would reach the shore
When the rich refused to associate with the poor
So they put them down below
Where they'd be the first to go
It was sad when the great ship went down


Well, they put the lifeboats out on the deep and raging sea
And the band struck up with "Near My God To Thee"
Men and women and children cried as they all prepared to die
It was sad when the great ship went down


Oh, they built another ship called the SS Forty-Two
And the bow was painted pink and the stern was painted blue
So they christened it with beer and it sank right off the pier
It was sad when the great ship went down


"I'm a Camper at PIC"

Original Song - "Country Club" by Travis Tritt
Rewrite - Johnny Creditcard
(vocals) Edwin; (slide guitar) Matt

When I was ten I thought I knew then what camping was all about
I usta pitch a tent in my back yard, I was a regular boy scout
But then one day a guy named Ford stopped by and put on a show
One look and I could see it was the place for me, told my parents I just had to go

Now I'm a camper at PIC, what you get is what you see
I like arch and riflery, got a great view when I pee
Hey I'm a bonafide trippin' fool, don't swim in no swimin' pool
I'm bulk now look at me, I'm a camper at PIC

My friends at home, they all said, man, you are such a fool
We're stayin' here near the country club with its chlorinated pool
But the boat dropped me off, I took a look around, and it was paradise to me
It was my friends back in suburbia who were fools it was plain to see


Now I've been a camper at PIC for nearly half my life
I've had all kinds of ups and downs, cut myself with my boss knife
But I built a shelf, and I've hiked and paddled all over the north woods
Yeah, PIC it's the place for me, that's why I think everybody should

Be a camper at PIC...  (chorus)

"A Camper Named Sue"

Original song: "A Boy Named Sue" performed by Johnny Cash, written by Shel Silverstein
Rewrite: Johnny Creditcard
(lead vocals and guitar) Ben

Well my daddy left home when I was three
And he didn't leave much to my mom and me
Just his credit cards and his BMW
Now I don't blame him 'cause he run and hid
But the meanest thing that he ever did
Was before he left he went and named me Sue

Well Ma sent me off to PIC
That name sure wasn't any help to me
Seemed I had to fight the whole summer through
My tent mate would giggle and I'd get red
Some aristocrat would laugh and I'd bust his head
I tell you camp ain't easy for a boy named Sue

Well I grew up fast and I grew up mean
My fists got hard my wits got keen
I went out on bulk trips to hide my shame
One night I made a vow by kerosene lamp
That if he ever visited camp
I'd kill the man that gave me that awful name

Well it was after activities in mid-July
I'd taken rowing and my throat was dry
So I stopped at the pump to have a cup or two
Well the big boat docked and to my surprise
Sittin' in the stern just talking to the guys
Sat the dirty yuppie dog who named me Sue

Well I knew that snake was my own sweet dad
From a worn-out picture that my mother had
I knew those madras shorts and his evil tie
He was cut right from the Brooks Brother's mold
I looked at him and my blood ran cold
And I said

My name is Sue!
How do you do?!
Now you're gonna die
Yeah, that's what I told him

Well I hit him right between the eyes
And he hit the dock but to my surprise
He grabbed my knife and cut off a piece of my ear
But I busted my pack frame across his nose
And we rolled up the Ridge and down to the Cove
Akickin' and agougin' in the mud and the blood in the Dust Court

Well I tell you I've fought tougher men
But I really can't remember when
He made mighty Chot seem like a toy for a child
Then I heard him laughin' and I heard him cussin'
And he grabbed for a rock and I got there first
And he lay there lookin' at me and I saw him smile

He said son this camp is rough
If a boy's gonna make it he's gotta be tough
I knew I wouldn't be there to help you along
So I give you that name and said, "Solong shrimp"
I knew you'd have to be bulk not wimp
And it's that name that helped to make you strong

He said now you've just fought one heckofa fight
I know you hate me and you've got the right
To kill me now, I wouldn't blame you if you do
But you oughta thank me before I die
For the fact that you're such a big bulk guy
'Cause I'm the *%#@* who named you Sue

Yeah, what could I do?
Got all choked up and told him camp was fun
I called him dad and he called me son
And I come away with a different point of view
And I think about him now and then
Like on a tough trip with Sumner or Ben
And if I ever have a son...
Think I'll name him Ned, or Chris, or Harry
Anything but Sue!

"On the Cover of the Pine Needle"

Original song: "Cover of the Rolling Stone" performed by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, written by Shel Silverstein
Rewrite: Mark Pierce
(lead vocals and guitar) Mark; (banjo) Sam; (bass) Johnny; (backing vocals) The Henchmen

Well we're big rock singers, we got golden fingers
And we're loved everywhere we go.
We sing about beauty and we sing about truth
For ten thousand dollars a show
We've spent so much time chillin' with Mr. Bob Dylan
That it's really gotten kinda dull
We want the thrill that only gets ya, when you get your picture
On the cover of the Pine Needle.

(Pine Needle) wanna see my picture on the cover
(Needle) wanna send five copies to my mother
(Needle) wanna see my smilin' face on the cover of the Pine Needle.

Travel miles around to big and little towns
From New York to Tennessee
But we never feel as grand as when the party barge lands
And drops us off at PIC
We're always hired to close out campfire
And every year we rock Honk Hall
But it seems they never need us smilin' sayin' Cheese
On the cover of the Pine Needle


We've paid our dues, played rock and blues
Acts like ours are hard to find
And don't you start with Johnny Creditcard
'Cause Johnny Creditcard got declined!
Well truth be told the music's in our souls
But our hearts just won't be full
'Til we go from the stage straight to the front page
And the cover of the Pine Needle


"Tangled Up in Blues"

Original song: "Tangled Up in Blue" by Bob Dylan
Rewrite: Pope Ward
(lead vocals) Pope; (acoustic guitar) Johnny; (electric guitar) Mark

Early one morning the sun was shining, I was laying in bed
Thinking about challenge plays---- blue flag and red
One more game without a win sure is gonna be rough
Blues have won for way too long. I think enough's enough.
And I was standin' on the side of the road, rain fallin' on my shoes
Hoping to score at East Gate. Lord knows I was trying to
But I can't get through.       I was...
Tangled up in Blues

My first year, I won the donut race. My, vic'try uncontested
Scored twice on day one----town center to get well rested
Southeast gate was pretty quiet. The squadron there was fake
We were plugged for most-a-the day. It was hard to stay awake
And all the while I couldn't tell...     Were we ahead or well behind?
Not knowing either way was messin' with my mind
If I only knew!       ...We were... Tangled up in Blues

Morning dew soaking through my jeans, bellying up to the road
Sneaking our fingers over the line before anybody know'd
Are they in the gate are they outta the gate? My mind is filled with doubt.
Thank the lord for this camo paint, but curse that red flag scout.
And we started runnin' down the road...   Like a flock of birds we flew.
But sweaty hands became unlinked. It was too late before we knew...
We were...     in big trouble.
Tangled up in Blues

Medusa's clanging in my skull. That caller's raspy voice!
We pretend not to hear, as though we had a choice.
Parties streaking down town line ignoring pains and aches
Steam rising off their backs like fog from a lake.
A whispered conversation between general and XO
How many scores and challenge points? Honestly, I don't know.
Do you?       ...I think we're ...
Tangled up in Blues

Now I'm going back again, I gotta win this game somehow
All those plays I didn't make, they're an obsession for me now.
This winter I've been planning how to beat those dark blue men
But if we can't get Gray Victory, at least Pine Island wins.
From the night of Declaration and the stomping camper shoes
To the final Rah Rah Rah, Athena is my muse.
I'm a burning fuse.       Who's... Tangled up in Blues

"Please Don't Bury Me"

Original song: John Prine
Rewrite (last verse): Johnny Creditcard
(lead vocals) Ben; (guitar, bass, drums, and piano) Johnny; (backing vocals) The Henchmen

Woke up this morning, put on my slippers
Walked in the kitchen and died
Oh, what a feelin' when my soul went through the ceiling
And on up into heaven I did rise
When I got there they did say John it happened this a-way
You slipped upon the floor and hit your head
And all the angels say just before you passed away
These were the very last words that you said

Please don't bury me down in the cold, cold ground
I druther have 'em cut me up and pass me all around
Throw my brain in a hurricane and the blind can have my eyes
The deaf can take both my ears if they don't mind the size

Give my stomach to Milwaukee if they run out of beer
Put my socks in a cedar box, just get 'em outta here
Venus de Milo can have my arms, look out, I've got your nose
Sell my heart to the junk man and give my love to Rose


Give my feet to the footloose, careless, fancy free
Give my knees to the needy, don't pull that stuff on me
Hand me down my walkin' cane it's a sin to tell a lie
Send my mouth way down south, and kiss my a** goodbye


Give my pack to a pack horse, he won't believe how much it weighs
Give my trunk to Captain Mildew, he's livin' there anyway
Give the bugs my bugdope, they seem to like it fine
Guess I've taken my last activity you can have my place in line


"Should I Sail or Should I Row"

Original song: "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash
Rewrite: Peter Ward, Ben Swan, Pope Ward, and Mark Pierce
(lead vocals and electric guitar) Mark; (electric guitar) Toby; (bass) Sam; (drums) Johnny; (backing vocals) The Henchmen

OD you've got to let me know
Should I sail or should I row
I'm just standing here in line
Chills running up and down my spine
So come on and let me know
Should I sail or should I row

So many hard activities
Hurry up says the OD
I don't want to tie a dry fly
And I can't relate to Shop Guy
Well come on and let me know
Should I sail or should I row

Should I sail or should I row now
Should I sail or should I row now
If I wait I'll get in trouble
Choose too fast it could be double
So come on and let me know
Should I sail or should I row

This indecison's killin' me
(that guy in front of me just cut)
Don't want no rife no archery
(I've gotta get out of this rut)
Last canoe I took I sunk it
(don't kill it...jeeze)
Wet water exit always flunk it
(can't get my spray skirt off my knees)
So what I really need to know
(there's got to be another way)
Is should I sail or should I row
('cause I had kay kay yesterday)

It's always choose choose choose
(got my swim trunks on the line)
Waiter games I always lose
(don't even know if those are mine)
This is such a massive bummer
(don't kill it...he said...)
What a way to spend the summer
(a.m. woodcraft now is dead)
So come on and let me know
(I guess I'll just accept my fate)

Should I sail or should I row
(once again in line too late)


"Mountain Dew"

(lead vocals) Ben, Nicky, Pope, Robert; (guitar, bass, and drums) Johnny; (banjo) Sam; (backing vocals) The Henchmen

Well my brother Bill has a still on the hill
Where he turns out a gallon or two (or two!)
And the birds in the sky get so drunk they can't fly
Just from smellin' that good old Mountain Dew

They call it that good ole Mountain Dew
And them that refuse it are few (mighty few!)
I'll hush up my mug if you'll fill up my jug
With that good ole Mountain Dew

My Uncle Mort he is sawed off and short
And he measures 'bout four foot two (four two!)
But he feels like a giant if you give him a pint
Of that good ole Mountain Dew


Well my sister Sue has a brand new perfume
And it gives off an awful smell (p u !)
Wasn't she surprised when she had it analyzed
It was nothin' but good ole Mountain Dew


Not far from me there's an old hollow tree
Where you put in a dollar or two (or two!)
If you go 'round the bend and come back again
There's some good ole Mountain Dew


"We're Women at PIC"

Original song: "In Spite of Ourselves" by John Prine
Rewrite: Corinne Alsop and Natalie Burr
(lead vocals) Corinne; (backing vocals) Natalie; (guitar) Mark

The whistle blows and we know it's time
to start our day on the isle of Pine
but when we're late to the dining hall
you know that Needlepoint missed the call
Don't you worry
We're in no hurry
We're women at PIC!

Gracious living is our goal
and we're so glad to play a role
We love this island in Great Pond
from Ridge to Range and well beyond
We aren't many,
But, hey, we're plenty
We're women at PIC

In spite of ourselves, we'll end up back at Pine Island.
Against all odds, we'll drive down that old camp road.
It's a little strange, to be a woman at Pine Island,
But we'd be lyin' if we said we didn't love it so!

Please don't ask us what's for lunch,
if you do, you might get punched.
We do it all, from A to Z:
counselor, K.C., and A.D.
It's our summer,
thanks to Sumner,
We're women at PIC!

We try our best to fit right in,
but there's only TEN women!
We don't blend in, but have no fear:
King Kababa's glad we're here!
We aren't men,
but thanks to Ben,
we're women at PIC!


Needlepoint's the place to be,
It's shrouded in mystery--
cause you can't come, you know it's true,
we'll all be there except for you!
We're women at PIC!

It may sound like we're pokin' fun
at our island in the sun.
You may think that it's kinda weird
that we're so darn happy here,
but my favorite
thing to be
is a woman at PIC!

In spite of ourselves, we'll end up back at Pine Island.
Against all odds, we'll drive down that old camp road.
It's a little strange, to be a woman at Pine Island,
But we'd be lyin' if we said we didn't call it home!

"Keep on Ridin' on the Tilt-a-Whirl"

Original Song: "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" by Neil Young
Rewrite: The original Hippy Cowboys - Dan Steinhacker and Joe Kovaz
(lead vocals) Mark; (bass) Sam; (drums, electric guitar, hammond B3) Johnny, (electric guitar) Toby; (backing vocals) The Henchmen

In an old mill town, in central Maine
There's a statewide fair, for the people who're deranged
So you park your car, and you have a look
And there's not one person who's ever read a book
So you buy a ticket and you go inside
Just to find a spot on the Tilt-a-Whirl ride


Keep on ridin' on the Tilt-a-Whirl!
Keep on ridin' on the Tilt-a-Whirl!
Keep on ridin' on the Tilt-a-Whirl!
Keep on ridin' on the Tilt-a-Whirl!

Carnies sleepin' in the street, packs of dogs in heat
Acid wash and big hair, or a tattoo for a flair
You eat cotton candy 'cause the time is near
And you stick your belly out and you have no fear
And it tastes real good, and you start to drool,
But you don't care 'cause at the fair you're cool.

The man at the gate, his teeth aren't straight
His beard is dirty, and his rent is late
And he has long hair, and he looks pretty mean
And is eyes are red and he smells like Jim Beam
So you buy a poster of a heavy metal band
Or have an old gypsy read your hand


You see the lights, and you start to run
It's the Tilt-a-Whirl, oh man what fun
So you hop aboard, and it starts to spin
And your body gets torn limb from limb
And you get thrown off and you start to fly
Then the crowd goes wild 'cause you're gonna die!


"My Sweet Pine Island"

Original Song: "Sweet Carolina" by Ryan Adams
Rewrite: Ben Swan and Matt Clarke
(lead vocals) Toby; (backing vocals) Maura; (all instruments) Johnny

I came up to Belgrade, with my pack and trunk
The boat met me there on the mainland shore
I was lookin' for some good times, and maybe a friend or two
But I ended up with so much more

I went out on Old Speck, got chilled down in the notch
Carried a heavy load and learned to hike
At the summit you could see forever, but the clouds were closin' in
So we set up camp and slept all warm and dry.

Oh my sweet Pine Island, wish I didn't have to go
Oh my sweet Pine Island, may you someday carry me home

I paddled down the St. Croix, shot those many rips
Down the border line with Canada
The wind and rain tried to get us, but we set up camp in time.
Six days on the river made us strong.


Now I'm headed back to the city, feels like things are closin' in
The sunset's just my lightbulb burnin' on
Oh I miss Pine Island, like I miss my family
All the sweetest winds they blow across Great Pond.

(chorus) (last line) You're with me wherever I roam.

"Chicken Train"

Original song: The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Rewrite: Harry Swan and Ben Schachner
(vocals) The Henchmen

Chicken train
Runnin' all day
Chicken train
Runnin' all day

Chicken train, runnin' all day
Can't get it on, can't get it off
Chicken train...
Take the chickens away

Laser beam
In my dream
Laser beam
In my dream

Laser beam, in my dream
Can't get it on, can't get it off
Laser beam...
Like a sawed-off dream

On my head
On my head

Underwear, on my head
Can't get it on, can't get it off
Gotta wear it to bed

On my plate
On my plate

Internet, on my plate
Can't get it on, can't get it off
Like a worldwide steak

Sittin' in a tree
Sittin' in a tree

Motorboat, sittin' in a tree
Can't get it on, can't get it off
Like an outboard leaf

Flaming Go
Drummin' all night
Flaming Go
Drummin' all night

Flaming Go, drummin' all night
Can't get it on, can't get it off
Flaming Go...
Set the drums on fire

Chicken train
Runnin' all day
Chicken train
Runnin' all day

Chicken train, runnin' all day
Can't get it on, can't get it off
Chicken train...
Take the chickens away

[chicken noises]

Photo Gallery


Click here to view more photos taken during the recording sessions.

About the Production

The recording and production of the album Campfire was made possible by many acts of creativity over a period of nearly 30 years, but primarily by the remarkable generosity of Pine Island parent Johnny Bregar. Johnny's oldest son Toby was a camper during the 2017 and 2018 camp seasons at ages 13 and 14. Thanks to a tent counselor who really focused on Toby during his first summer, about halfway through the season the rest of the camp discovered Toby's talent as a musician when he sang and played guitar at campfire that summer. Toby played director Ben Swan's old Gibson acoustic, and on the day of the Farewell Picnic at the end of the summer, Toby asked Ben if his dad Johnny could play Ben's guitar. "Of course!" was the answer, and Ben learned that Johnny is a professional musician and music producer with a studio near their home on Bainbridge Island, WA.

Later that day, Toby borrowed Ben's guitar and, at the final campfire, played the Gillian Welch song "Miss Ohio." It was the first time his parents had ever seen him perform! A few weeks after camp ended Ben got a sweet surprise in his e-mailbox: Johnny, Toby, and his mom Maura Ahearne had recorded the song "My Sweet Pine Island" at Johnny's Brickyard Studio. The song is a rewrite of Ryan Adams's "Sweet Carolina" and has been performed as the last song of the summer for nearly 20 years by various staff members and campers. It is one of well over a dozen popular songs rewritten with Pine Island-specific lyrics over the past 30 years. Ben had never heard any campfire songs recorded in a studio and was so impressed with Toby's lead vocals, Maura's backing vocals, and Johnny's instrumental and technical work that he immediately brought up something that had been pretty much a fantasy in the back of his mind for years. Would it be possible to get some folks together to record a bunch of Pine Island campfire songs and produce an album that could be sold to raise money for the Pine Island scholarship fund? Johnny's reply was simple: "Come on out! We'll do it! It would be fun."

Ben began talking with various PIC musicians and made an attempt at getting a crew to head out to Seattle in the fall of 2018 and again in the spring of 2019, but, as Walter Mitty once said, "Things close in." Ben decided to make one more try and staked out a weekend in October with Johnny. Ben got commitments from Pope Ward, Robert Brent, and counselor Mark Pierce. At the last minute counselor Sam Chester also committed. A generous donation from director emeritus Tom Yoder provided funding for transportation and against all odds, five of us showed up from Maine, DC, Chicago, New York City, and Middlebury, VT for a weekend on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle.

Ben had visited the Bregar/Ahearnes at their home previously and it was his visit that convinced him that such a venture could work and gave him the confidence to persist. Theirs is a completely welcoming home, and Johnny possesses an exceptional combination of musical, technical expertise and the confidence to work on many different levels to suit the situation. The weekend exceeded everyone's expectations and the final product is a gem. It includes traditional campfire favorites, longtime favorite rewrites, and some recent rewrites.

Ben arrived on Thursday and, after being wowed by the views of huge shipping piers and Mt. Ranier in the distance, found Johnny waiting at the ferry dock on Bainbridge Island. The project was a great success musically, but it was enhanced for everyone as they all got to enjoy the island, which could be likened to living in Vermont 20 minutes from downtown Seattle...with much bigger trees! Johnny got Ben right to work and, after Ben got over the sound of his own voice on a recording, coaxed a couple of songs out of him. The rest of the band (christened The Henchmen) arrived the next day, with poor Sam Chester arriving on the last ferry Friday night having transported his banjo all the way from Middlebury. Some work was accomplished Friday night, but most of the recording took place the next day. Thanks to the musical genius of 2019 counselors Mark Pierce and Sam Chester and Johnny himself, plus Johnny's prodding and encouragement, twelve songs took shape, and by the time we headed back to our various homes in the east, Johnny had enough to work with. Fortunately, since Johnny has a great voice and owns and can play well a vast array of instruments, anything that needed to be redone or added was not a problem. Two songs took shape in other locations, the studio of recording artist, singer songwriter, and PIC alumnus and parent Edwin McCain in Greenville, SC and a practice room at Columbia University in New York City. Edwin generously agreed to do the lead vocals on Johnny Creditcard's popular "I'm a Camper at PIC," and Mark Pierce engineered the production of "Women at PIC" with counselors Corinne Alsop and Natalie Burr.

Everyone hated to leave and we all wished we had more time to play more music and see more of beautiful Bainbridge Island. Rumors of a Volume II by the Henchmen are flying in the entertainment world. Don't miss the Campfire album release party at the DUMBO Loft in Brooklyn, NY on January 25, 2020!

"The Titanic"
While it certainly couldn't have been sung in the early days of the camp, it's been a favorite for at least 50 years.

"I'm a Camper at PIC"
Ben Swan (aka Johnny Creditcard) rewrote the lyrics to Travis Tritt's country hit "Country Club" way back in the '90s. He was so happy to hear someone with a really great voice sing it. Edwin McCain has recorded five albums with Atlantic Records and continues to play his hits to fans worldwide.

"A Camper Named Sue"
Johnny Creditcard's greatest hit. He rewrote the lyrics to his cousin Johnny Cash's hit "A Boy Named Sue" in the early '90s. Shel Silverstein wrote the original and Cash debuted it in a performance at San Quentin Prison. It was the first time Cash had ever seen the song, which is evident in a video of the performance in which he is uncharacteristically reading the lyrics.. Surely Shel Silverstein would have fully appreciated a Pine Island campfire.

"Cover of the Pine Needle"
This is the most recent rewrite. Ben Swan introduced counselor Mark Pierce to the song "Cover of the Rolling Stone," a hit by Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show, during the summer of 2018. Mark undertook the rewrite and made it a campfire hit for the constantly evolving group the Hippy Cowboys. Shel Silverstein wrote the original.

"Please Don't Bury Me"
Johnny Creditcard made this John Prine tune one of his signature songs, both because it is super easy to play (always important for the musically challenged Creditcard) and because its humor made it a natural Pine Island song. Creditcard added a PIC verse at the end.

"Should I Sail or Should I Row"
Peter Ward rewrote the Clash classic "Should I Stay or Should I Go" in the mid-90s. It fell into disuse, but most of the lyrics were preserved on an old piece of poster board for over 15 years. During the summer of 2019 Ben Swan, with help from Mark Pierce, rewrote the rewrite to be less specific to a summer in the '90s. Mark, Ben, and Pope Ward scrambled to add the echoing refrains between lines up in the bunkroom of the studio while recording was happening downstairs. Johnny Bregar studied some Clash videos and through technical wizardry got the sound right. Mark's angst-ridden voice perfectly conveys the sense of being undecided in the activity line.

"Tangled Up in Blues"
Pope Ward's brilliant rewrite of Bob Dylan's "Tangled Up in Blue" was born of watching all three of his sons (all loyal Grays) lose game after game to the Blue Army. The Grays finally won after nine straight losses, but the song's evocation of playing the game is universal and will ring true with anyone who has ever played it. Pope surprised himself and the rest of us by doing the song in one take!

"Mountain Dew"
Written in the 1920s, Mountain Dew is perhaps the oldest PIC song on the album. The version on this album features multiple lead voices and the truly extraordinary banjo of Sam Chester.

"We're Women at PIC"
This is a rewrite by counselors Corinne Alsop and Natalie Burr of the John Prine song "In Spite of Ourselves," which he did as a duet with Iris Dement. When asked if she would sing it with him, Dement responded, "Not until after my mother dies." Corinne said that she loves the original but it was way too risqué for campfire, and she and Natalie thought it was time that the many women who have worked at Pine Island expressed their own point of view in a song. They debuted the song at the 2018 Winter Campfire in New York to rave reviews, and all ten women working at Pine Island during the 2019 summer sang it at the final campfire.

"Keep on Ridin' on the Tilt-A-Whirl"
The original Hippy Cowboys, counselors Dan Steinhacker and Joe Kovaz, penned this homage to the Skowhegan State Fair in the early '90s. It is a rewrite of the Neil Young song "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" and has remained one of the most popular songs sung at campfire and the signature song of the Hippy Cowboys. It is always the last song at the annual Club Honk musical evening. Long after lyricists Steinhacker and Kovaz ended their tenures at PIC, the Hippy Cowboys have lived on with new personnel every year. Steinhacker grew up in Skowhegan and worked at the Skowhegan State Fair numerous times, so his lyrics grew out of direct experience with the murky world of carnies, the demolition derby, and of course the Tilt-A-Whirl. Asked about the song during a visit to camp in 2019, Steinhacker, the father of two boys and a longtime teacher, said with the signature wry Steinhacker smile, "You know, I'm not sure I'd write those lyrics today..." When contacted about the song and Dan's reaction, co-writer Kovaz also a parent and longtime teacher, responded, "What a wimp! Some Hippy Cowboy he turned out to be."

"My Sweet Pine Island"
Back in the early 2000s counselor Matt Clarke was a regular at campfire and claimed that Club Honk was his favorite night of the whole year. Known for his rendition of "Cold Missouri Waters" and his brilliant tongue-in-cheek Brittany Spears medley, Matt introduced Pine Islanders to singer songwriter Ryan Adams. It wasn't long before a PIC rewrite of the beautiful song "Sweet Carolina" was proposed. Matt and Ben Swan worked on the lyrics together and Matt performed the song at the final campfire, bringing many in the audience to tears. "My Sweet Pine Island" has been the last song at the Final Campfire for nearly twenty years, sung and played by a variety of counselors and campers, always with maximum effect.

"Chicken Train"
Nobody is quite sure when this odd ditty became a campfire favorite, but it shows up at least a couple of times a summer. Research has revealed that it was originally performed by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Harry Swan and Ben Schachner added several verses to the original two and the Chicken Train continues to run all day.