An activity at Pine Island Camp, a boys summer camp in Maine.

Daily Schedule

Pine Island's daily schedule provides a proven mix of structured activities and supervised free time. Our island location gives us the luxury of allowing boys to decide for themselves how to spend their free time, something that many boys find an unexpected treat. There is always a lot going on and boys are never bored.

7:15 – The counselor in charge for the day (the O.D.) wakes everyone up and boys who wish can take a supervised dip, called the "100% Dip," in the lake.

7:45 – Breakfast! After breakfast, sign up for activities at the Staff Office . . . then back to your tent for tent cleanup.

9:15 – Everyone up the hill to Honk Hall for our morning meeting called "Password." We sing a song from our songbook and the O.D. gives a short inspirational talk, followed by announcements.

9:30-11:30 – Morning activities; departing camping trips head out.

11:30-12:30 – Free time on the island and a supervised recreational swim called "General Swim."

12:30 – Lunch!

1:30-2:25 – Rest Hour

2:30-4:30 – Afternoon activities

4:30-6:30 – Free time on the island and afternoon General Swim; returning camping trips arrive home.

6:30 – Dinner!

7:15-8:00 – Supervised games, supervised "Boats Out" when boys can check out a boat and enjoy being on the lake in the evening, sailing races, and time to prepare skits, songs, etc. for Campfire.

8:00-9:00 – Campfire

9:00-9:15 – Brush your teeth and to bed!