One of two bunks in a platform tent at Pine Island Camp.

Island Life

Pine Island Camp is located on a wooded island in a pristine, quiet lake in central Maine. We are the island's only residents, and with no electricity - and no TV, computers, or cell phones - we rely on each other for everything, from instruction to entertainment. Boys live in comfortable platform tents and are grouped according to age in one of three areas. Each tent has four boys and a counselor. A majority of staff started at Pine Island as campers; all have been chosen for reliability and character. Days on Pine Island include a long-proven combination of instruction and free time, and, unlike many camps, Pine Island allows boys to choose their activities each day. Because they have a lot of choice, boys are enthusiastic about what they're doing, and they have plenty of time to use their imaginations and entertain themselves with friends. We eat together and play together. At night around the campfire we enjoy skits, musical performances, games, and stories of adventure from each returning trip. On Saturday nights we have a special treat: the Saturday Night Show, a homegrown production written, casted, costumed and rehearsed that day. The Pining, The Pinefather, The Bark Knight, and I Walk The Pine are past favorites. There has never been a shortage of imagination or entertainment at Pine Island.