An activity at Pine Island Camp, a boys summer camp in Maine.


Your letters to each parent about our child are inevitably thorough, caring, and on point.  You have a way of addressing even issues that were an 'issue' in such a way that a parent feels cared for and heard.
— Pine Island Parent

In the Winter, by mail, phone, and email

This is our business mailing address for all months of the year except during the summer camp season:
Pine Island Camp
P.O. Box 242
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 465-3031


Sumner Ford, Director:
Sarah Hunter, Communications Director:
Ben Swan, Director of Operations:
Emily Swan, Business Manager:

In the Summer, by mail and phone

Please note: we are unplugged and off-line throughout the camp season. Please do not try to contact us by email! Call us instead at the phone number shown below.

By Phone: (207) 465-3031

This phone rings in our office on the Mainland. It is staffed every day during the morning hours, and messages are checked and calls returned frequently throughout the rest of the day.

By US Mail

You can write to your son, or send him packages via the US Postal Service, at this address:
[Son's name]
Pine Island Camp
HCO 200
Belgrade Lakes, ME 04918

By UPS, FedEx, and Other Courier Services

Please use the following address to send non-US Mail packages to your son:
[Son's name]
Pine Island Camp
234 Pine Island Road
Belgrade, ME 04917