An activity at Pine Island Camp, a boys summer camp in Maine.

Volunteer Opportunities

A great way to visit Pine Island and pitch in.

Sloan Critchfield Boat Workshop Weekend and Fall Work Week

Pine Island's annual Sloan Critchfield Memorial Boat Maintenace Workshop Weekend is a volunteer event that brings alumni, campers, parents, and friends together to honor the memory of Pine Islander Sloan Critchfield by working to preserve our fleet of wooden boats. Dozens of Pine Islanders have given generously of their time every fall to take part in this event. Everyone who has participated has loved the experience – the sense of accomplishment, the camaraderie, the food, the fall weather, and of course Great Pond.

We are happy to announce that for a full week and the weekend after this year's Sloan Weekend, we will provide food, shelter, transportation, and work for volunteers. The work will be varied and might include: working on our fleet of wooden boats (including rowboats, canoes, and sailboats), light carpentry, painting, cutting firewood, landscaping, and more.

Our plan will give you lots of choices:

We will provide three excellent meals per day and will be sure that you are comfortable in one of the several cabins on Pine Island. Bring a sleeping bag, a towel, some work clothes, and work gloves and join us for some great times in September on Pine Island.


War Game Umpires

Pine Island has played the War Game every year since 1912, and every year the game has been umpired by volunteers. The umpires are integral participants in assuring the continuation of a unique tradition at a unique institution. Jun Swan once pointed out that the War Game has been attempted elsewhere without success. It works at Pine Island because the spirit of the Game is the same as the spirit of PIC: an exercise carried out in (mostly) good humor while acknowledging that each of us is deserving of caring respect from the community and all of its members. This spirit is exemplified by the scene when the final score is announced, which is probably unparalleled. The success of the War Game each summer depends on these quick-thinking, observant, impartial, Pine Islanders. No instant replays. The work, like that of a police officer involves long periods of boredom punctuated by brief periods of extreme stress. You have to get up early and be able to handle the extreme temperature fluctuations of York's Crossing. But, anyone who has done it will tell you, it is great fun. Besides hanging out at the Rink in the evening and taking dips in Great Pond, perhaps the best thing about being an umpire is that you are, in a small way, again directly involved in the greatest game ever invented. If you have the right stuff, you will be invited to take a gate on yourself. At this time Pine Island is in need of additional umpires for the coming summer and for the future. If you would like to volunteer as a War Game Umpire, please contact Ben Swan.