An activity at Pine Island Camp, a boys summer camp in Maine.

The PIC Oral History Project

Share your Pine Island Camp memories! Whenever Pine Islanders gather, the conversations are always full of wonderful stories. These stories are the history of Pine Island Camp, and we are eager to gather as many of them as we can over time. You may not think that you are a storyteller, but you do have stories to tell. They might be very short and seem trivial, but they are an important part of the more than 100 great summers at Pine Island.

Please take a moment to write down your most vivid memories of Pine Island. Tell a story or just write down your impressions. Some of the most poignant we have read are just a few lines. Since our Centennial Celebration we have published two volumes of these reminisces and are working on a third. If you'd like a copy of one or both of the published volumes, email us, or download them in PDF form:

Pine Island Memories 1902-2002 Volume 1 (PDF, 5.4mb)

Pine Island Memories 1902-2002 Volume 2 (PDF, 4.7mb)

To send your memories to us, you can include them in an email (or as a Microsoft Word or text attachment to an email) or send a hard copy our offices. Please include your name, address, phone number and details and dates of your connection to Pine Island Camp!