An activity at Pine Island Camp, a boys summer camp in Maine.


At Pine Island Camp our first consideration is the safety of our campers and staff. We have an excellent safety record spanning more than 110 summers. At least one counselor with the rigorous Wilderness First Responder certification staffs every camping trip, and all trip leaders are certified by the State of Maine and receive additional training at Pine Island during the week before camp opens. While we send cell phones on trips with the staff, we train our counselors to be able to handle virtually any situation independently. Boys and staff wear lifejackets every time they step into a boat – in camp or on trips. No camper is ever allowed out in a boat or in the lake without supervision. We travel in leased, state-of-the-art vans with approved drivers. Our medic lives on the island in the infirmary and is available at all times. We monitor the weather, and our emergency procedures are clear and understood by every member of the staff.