The War Game - 100 Years


Depending on how we do the timelines (e.g. how many we have), they could look something like this:

1911: a spontaneous knife fight by two groups of campers inspires Dr. Swan to create the War Game

1917: Kaiser Wilhelm dispatches multiple observes to Mercer in hopes of defeating Belgium

1935: tuberculosis epidemic interrupts Blue General’s speech with bloody, hacking cough

1955: Red Scare paranoia culminates; both armies required to recite Pledge of Allegiance for 48 hours

1915: camper Chauncey Wordsworth kills multiple civilians in homicidal rage

1929: multiple suicides on Wall Street after Beaumont Peevely falls into white flag area

1942: Blue Army stomps squirrel named “Rommel” to death in center of Town

1995: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” reversed after hermaphrodite attack party wins 488 challenge points and looks damn good doing it

2000: campers stage mass rally for peace, counselors beat them with cudgels and force them to strangle each other

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