Old War Game Sites Today


Below are some very brief videos showing the terrain of Wings Mills (two possible locations), Dunn’s Corners, and Fogg’s Forks.

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It’s hard to be exactly sure where the game was played at Wing’s Mills.  History tells us that Messalonskee stream was very close by, and logic dictates that there were probably already 4 roads in very close proximity.  One site is right along the stream, but seems impractical  as the water would have blocked off an entire region of play.  Another possible location is perhaps an 8th of a mile away, but one of the roads is listed as a ‘private driveway’ (a very long one) and its age is uncertain.

This video shows Dunn’s Corners today.  The Dunn family home is the white house you see very briefly during the transition from East to North roads.

Fogg’s Forks.  There are only three roads at this intersection, but Pine Island cleared another overgrown road just a short distance away.