Fogg’s Forks


After Pine Island was unexpectedly ejected from Dunn’s Corners shortly before the 1961 War Game was going to start, the pressure was on to find a new location.  Chip Handy found Fogg’s Forks and was able to secure permission for Pine Island to use the area in just a day and a half. 

The terrain at Fogg’s Forks presented a geographic oddity to the War Game: there were only three roads running out of Town!  West Gate had to be located at another adjacent road (and was the only road lacking actual pavement). The many stone walls at Fogg’s Forks provided excellent cover for attack, but were often entwined in toxic tendrils of poison ivy as many discovered to their regret.  Due to an increasing camper volume, two Breaches were added to the Town Line: at these locations, attackers could earn scoring points but there was no road.



Fogg’s Forks

Long Pond


It was here that many of the great names of living  War Game history learned to play the game and clashed against other mighty Titans of legend: Monte Ball, Tim Nagler, Jim Breeden, Tom Yoder, Robert Chandler, John Alsop, Ben Swan, Rex Bates, Jimmy Chapman, and others too numerous to name. Be sure to see the “photos” section below for images of many of these great men.

Just like all the prior sites, the game’s roads were thoroughfares for actual traffic.  As this hazard gradually increased along with increasing numbers of unsavory spectators, Jun Swan decided that Pine Island needed to actually own its own War Game site, rather than live at the whims of mood and vehicular menace as we had for so very long. 

Monte Ball and Jim Breeden