Dunn’s Corners


Owned by two branches of the one family, the area known as “Dunn’s Corners” (aka “Dunn Corner”) is generally considered one of the best War Game sites.  It possessed a variety of terrains, was close to Pine Island, and was relatively free of traffic.  These stable conditions allowed for significant innovation: it was here that the first pole was used for defense, the infamous “Tanks” were created by Bucky Sheiffelin, and pressurized air horns were used with great success by Stoney Cole in 1959 and complete disaster by Chick Albers in 1960. 

During this period, the War Game occupied even more of the Pine Island summer than it does today.  The Declaration of War was followed by 4 days of practice before actual play began.  Once the War Game was over, it was followed by nearly a week of Welder/Far Superior/Leaguer activities before the Farewell Feed.



Dunn’s Corners

Long Pond


There were some odd rumors about Dunn’s Corners.   Whispers persisted about a mentally challenged adult who was occasionally chained to a post on the property, though no one ever saw him.  This was likely based on the lingering memory of Abel Dunn, who was periodically locked in an upper room of the Dunn home in the late 1800s whenever he had “spells” (likely epilepsy). 

The bedridden matriarch of the Dunn family supported Pine Island, but her nephew was unenthusiastic and eventually had his way:  in 1961 Jun Swan and Chip Handy were told by Mr. Dunn that Pine Island was no longer welcome to play the War Game on the family property.   (His exact words were “We don’t want ya!” according to Jun Swan.) This news was given shortly before the War Games were to begin for that summer, resulting in a mad scramble for a new location.

Campers with a decoy at Dunn’s Corners, c. 1959